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Pre-production inspection
In-Process quality inspection
Final pre-shipment inspection
Product Testing / Laboratory Testing
Loading Supervision
100% Sorting Inspection
Supplier management
Sourcing for new supplier
Production schedule monitoring
Factory Audit
Consulting and other service
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Kistop Quality Inspection: ProfileKistop Inspection Service Ltd. is a professional 3rd party inspection service provider in China. With years of experiences working with clients from the USA, Europe, and other parts of the world, we have developed a whole set of procedures and resources which have made us more competitive in the marketplace of China inspection service.


Kistop is staffed with a team of experienced quality engineers, technical engineers and purchasing experts. We have IRCA certified ISO9000 lead auditors, senior experienced quality inspectors, skilled and professional sourcing and purchasing staff members, as well as good resources and connections with well managed and equipped suppliers in China. We provide a bunch of services in quality assurance, supplier management, sourcing, project development and production control in China.


Kistop's goal is to provide our customers with best quality service and max value added. From selecting the right suppliers, improving their quality system, ensuring the quality of your products, to meeting your delivery schedule, Keeping your cost down and meeting or even exceeding your expectations, Kistop works closely with you to make sure your purchase from China is successful.

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