Competitive Advantages

Our competitive advantages lie on:

*   We have established and maintained a documented quality management system in accordance with the latest ISO regulations, which clearly defined the each and every procedure in the whole quality control processes. This can eliminate the service non-conformance and keep us to be in the highest possible standard.

*   We have maintained an on-going training program to our management team, quality engineers, and QA/QC staff. The training program includes the company background, basic quality procedures, international standards and regulations, as well as the professional knowledge in regard to the specific products line.

*   We have developed strict procedures to protect customer's business confidentiality, including but not limited the products information, supplier information, purchase order information, technical drawings and specifications, as well as all customer related information. So our customers are very happy with the results that their companies'properties are well protected.

*   We have a strict rules in our company regarding staff members'working attitude, every staff member should abide the principles of integrity, independence and impartiality. Each staff member is responsible to comply with the principles and all employees have received training on the principles when they started to work in Kistop.

*   We are flexible and customer-oriented. By studying your products and processes, and by listening to your goals and concerns, we can tailor our service  to your particular needs. A clear channel of communication is made available to ensure that your questions and concerns can be addressed and resolved immediately.

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